The perks of going automatic

The perks of going automatic

So this may be because I am a millennial or it could be because I am a little bit of a germaphobe—but I am obsessed with automatic accessories for restrooms. They are cleaner, more efficient and just make for an all-around nicer restroom experience for guests. This means that when you use automatic accessories, you are improving human and building health AND creating a better, lasting impression on people which will make them want to come back to your business.

How do automatic dispensers and fixtures help human health?

Think about the average restroom experience.  You push open the door (touch point), head to the stall and lock it (touch point), do your business (major touch point), flush the toilet or urinal (another touch point), unlock the stall and head to the sink (double touch point), push the button on the soap dispenser to wash your hands (touch point) and then you do the funky elbow dance to push the lever on the towel dispenser because you need to dry your hands (an unusually complicated touch point), and FINALLY you leave by using your paper towel to wrangle the door (half a touch point?). You just came in contact with an astronomical amount of bacteria and germs doing something that we all do several times a day. And the more people who do this very regular activity in your restroom, the more germs find their way in there throughout the day.

Automatic towel and soap dispensers, automatic toilet and urinal flush systems and automatic faucets all reduce touch points which in turn reduces the opportunities for cross contamination and spread of germs. The less germs people are in contact with, the less likely they are to get sick.

How do automatic dispensers and fixtures help building health?

In addition to helping keep your team and your customers healthier, automatic dispensers and fixtures help control waste, which in turn creates a healthier building. Battery-operated dispensers help control how much towel or soap is released per use, which makes it much harder to waste these products. Automatic faucets can help reduce water waste by up to 40%. In a time where sustainability is a pressing issue on everyone’s mind and the environment is becoming an increasingly important topic, there is no need to be wasting water.

How do automatic dispensers and fixtures create a better, lasting impression on guests?

People will notice if toilets are not flushed. They will remember that they had to jam the button on the soap dispenser 27 times to get some soap out of it.  And I promise you, they will not forget that there was water dripping off of your towel dispenser and on to the floor from the previous guest who washed his hands. Automatic dispensers and fixtures help you manage your restroom so it doesn’t leave a negative impression on guests. They provide a cleaner, more distinguished image that will be positively associated with your facility for many visits to come.

If you wish to further discuss the benefits of automatic dispensers and fixtures or want to know more about how to update your restroom, please keep the conversation going. You can always email me at Let’s make sure we are keeping your business clean.

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