Preparing your facility for the Delta variant

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is spreading throughout the country and everyone is beginning to scramble to make sure their facilities are ready for what comes next. With so much uncertainty of what to expect come fall time, it is crucial that companies are doing all they can to make their buildings as safe as possible. As the person responsible for your facility’s cleanliness, you have the opportunity to create a healthy space where both COVID-19 and its Delta variant will be less likely to spread. Here’s what to look at:

Air quality– COVID-19 is an airborne illness and the Delta variant is no different. The biggest issue is how much more contagious this new strain is—which makes air quality that much more important. This video from Good Morning America is a great overview of the benefits of a solid air purifying program. While they specifically discuss schools, the science checks out for all public spaces.

Cleaning and disinfecting– The pandemic has renewed the public’s interest in commercial cleaning practices. As facilities work to remain open, they can help ease employees and guests’ minds by implementing a regular cleaning schedule that includes a disinfection regimen. Making sure to use the right cleaning chemicals and disinfectants for your surfaces and to follow all instructions related to dilutions and dwell times to ensure that you are maximizing your cleaning power.

Safety first– Keeping products like hand sanitizer and face masks on hand will make guests in your facility feel more secure. If you are not sure of where to strategically place these items, keep them in entryways, common areas, and places with high-touch points.

Staying stocked– The ongoing global labor and transportation crises have created supply chain issues on every level. Maintain plenty of stock in your janitor’s closet so you don’t run out of the supplies you need to keep your building running safely and smoothly.  You’ll want to adjust your par levels to be ready for two-months at a time, wherever possible. If you have questions about stock levels, what’s available, and how to best manage your inventory, reach out to your vendor partners for support.

As always, the cleaning industry is doing important work to make the world safer for all. We are so proud to do what we can to support you and your work. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me at We are here to help you keep your business clean!

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