Wash. Your. Hands.

Autumn is quickly approaching and with it comes cold and flu season. Add in a super-contagious Delta variant, and we have the making of a very sick season. Whether you are concerned about COVID-19, the flu, or germs in general, hand washing is one of the best defenses we have against the spread of illness. However, many American adults aren’t doing it right!

The numbers around Americans and hand washing can be a little concerning. A recent survey performed by Puronics* indicates that:

  • American adults wash their hands approximately nine times per day
  • 71% do not always wash their hands after sneezing, blowing their nose, or coughing
  • 62% say that you should always wash your hands after being out in public, but only 46% actually do that
  • 51% do not use hand soap every time they wash their hands
  • 38% wash their hands for 15 seconds or less

With such staggering statistics, it feels like an appropriate time to remind everyone about proper hand washing techniques. Here is a printable handwashing poster that you can use as you see fit. The most important takeaways are:

  • The whole hand washing process should take 40-60 seconds
  • Use soap—and use enough to adequately cover all parts of your hands
  • Rubbing your hands together vigorously and in between your fingers and by your nails help to ensure you are getting rid of as many germs as possible
  • Paper towels help complete the hand washing process and help keep washers from re-contaminating their hands

Encourage healthy hands in your facility by keeping your dispensers in your restrooms fully stocked and in working order. You can also print the linked poster from above and laminate it so you can post in your restrooms to show people how to properly wash their hands. It’s one of our best defenses against the spread of illness.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Not convinced that hand washing is all that important? Check out our video where we use an ATP meter to measure the microorganism count on our training manager’s hands before and after hand washing:

*Puronics performed a hand washing survey of 1,531 self-reporting Americans from April 27 to May 3, 2021. 52% were female and 48% were male with an average age of 38. You can see the full survey results here.

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