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Proper planning is necessary for a successful summer floor care season

Proper planning is necessary for a successful summer floor care season

A good plan saves the executor time, energy, money and manpower when completing a large task. Summer floor care is a task where a good plan is not just a nice idea, but a necessity. Between employee summer schedules/ vacations, buildings with limited accessibility, and the humidity in the air, a thousand things can go wrong if a site manager or custodial supervisor has not taken the time to create an action plan.

Here are things to keep in mind when making your summer floor care plan:

Survey the floors. Walk through the facility and make note of what types of floors you have, and what kind of square footage each kind of floor covers. Whether they are rubber, hardwood, carpet, marble, terrazzo or vinyl, these floors each require a unique cleaning and care plan.

Determine what needs to be done where. Some floors may need to be stripped and refinished. Others may only need a good top scrub and recoat. Calculate how many square feet of your facility needs which tasks and what kind of floor is in that location so you can start getting supply lists and employee hours organized for your summer floor care program.

Consider your workforce and plan employee hours. Keep in mind which employees have training in which kinds of floor care and make sure you have these individuals scheduled strategically to maximize your floor care program.

Evaluate your equipment. Look over your machines. Are repairs or PMs needed? Do you need additional parts on hand? Is it time to replace some of your equipment for newer, more efficient models? Keeping stock of your equipment like you would do for your other supplies will help keep everything running smoothly.

Planning for your summer floor care program will help your team avoid major issues and will save you time, money and energy. How do you keep your plans for your summer floor care program organized and moving forward? Feel free to keep the conversation going by commenting below or emailing me at Katie@pennvalley.com.